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Nunit test in Visio Studio – Set up – To be continue

Recently my job need write all the unit test for my project and I haven’t done this before, and I like share my experience here, and hope that could help someone else.

First, Install an test runner  that will help you do the test in Visual Studio.

Tool > extension and updates > search online> nunit test adapter

nunit test

Second, create an test project

Third, Open the PM console, install some useful packages:




What is node.js and why do we need it?

  •  node.js is a simple but powerful web server environment.
  • It arrow your write javascript to work with server
  • very important is that node.js using the google chrome v8 engine,so you don’t need concern your javascript to compare different browzers.
  • It also arrow you use Visual Studio just by install a plug called node.js Tools for visual studio, here is the link:     http://nodejstools.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=Screenshots
  • It is very good run it in Visio studio, because for debugger is very easy