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What is Skin in asp.net?

Skins are simple text files that contain markup that enables you to define the look and feel of one or more server controls from a central location. Placed in a theme’s folder, they are an integral part of the ASP.NET themes feature. A skin file (with a .skin extension) contains the server-side presentational elements of a control. These settings are then applied to all the controls to which the skin  applies.

Skin markup is similar to the markup of a button. There are a few differences though. First of all, the control in the skin file cannot have an ID attribute. The ID is used to uniquely identify a control in a page, and because the skin is applied to all controls, there’s no point in giving it an ID. Another difference is the number of attributes you can set in the markup. Not all properties of a control are skinnable.

Generally speaking, properties that influence the appearance (BackColor, ForeColor, BorderColor, and so on) can be skinned and properties that influence behavior (Enabled, EnableViewState, and
more) cannot be set.