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Use Cookie to Dynamically Switching Themes

Cookies are little pieces of text that you can store on the user’s computer. The data you store in a cookie is sent only to the server that set it in the first place, so other sites can’t read the cookie from
yours. However, because cookies are stored on the user’s computer as plain text, you should never use them to store any sensitive data, such as a password. Storing harmless data like the preferred
theme is an excellent use of cookies, though.

There has been a lot of debate about cookies and whether or not they can harm your privacy. Generally, cookies are safe, because they only store data that the server that sets it already has. They can’t be used to steal sensitive data from your computer if you haven’t given this data to the server yourself. In most scenarios, cookies improve the user’s browsing experience by remembering little pieces of data instead of asking you every single time you visit a page. Unfortunately, some large corporations like advertising agencies use a unique cookie to track your trails on the web, giving them some global idea of the sites you visit. To ensure that visitors to your site understand what information you have and keep about them, it’s usually a good idea to add a privacy statement to your site describing the intent and usage of cookies and any personal data you may keep.