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Using bower to add client side recource into your specify folder–Build a node.js website–part4

Now it is time to add clents size recource file into your specify folders, in my project I create a public folder to hold all the css and js,

In node.js there are a plug called bower will install the client packages for you.

1) In the root director create a file named .bowerrc and put an object inside the file:{“directory” : “public/lib”} this is to tell bower where you like to put your client sie resource

2) before to run bower, need change the .bowerrc file encoding , go to file advace save options,choose Western European(windows)-Codepage 1252


3) run bower install <packages name your want to install>


1)make sure you have bower installed, if not run npm install bower -g (g meaning globle level)

2)the bower need git working with it, make sure your git install at globle level.

3)what I mean globle level, just need have path in your system, if you didn’t install git in globle level, you could manually add you path to it. if you don’t know how to add path just simply uninstall git and reinstall it , when install it this time make sure you select it install in globle level.



Since bootstrap is commonly used in a lot website and I am also very confident withe working with bootstrap. now it’s time using bower to install bootstrap


After that then just put the css and js file into the layout.vash