Sandy started programming back in 2002 in my first job. Through the years, I have been working many years experience in IT industry and comes from a technical background(both academically and through work experience) I’m passionate about solving problems, and technology in general. I enjoy working with teams of similarly driven and capable developers to create delightful and reliable products and services.

Programming Languages/Technologies :C#, ASP.NET, ADO.net,LINQ, MVC,WCF, MVVM,WPF,JAVA, PHP, CMS(WordPress, Sitefinity,Nopcommerce), Angular.js,Node.js, Bootstrap,Foundation,SASS&LESS,Compass,Grunt,Ionic,phoneGap, JQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, Git, Github,etc

Databases:MySQL,SQL Server,MongoDB

Vision Designer Tool : Photoshop

Standards:HTML(5), XML, CSS(3), DOM, UML,JSON

Application Environments&IDE:Microsoft Visio Studio(MVC), XAMPP, LAMP(Linux+Apache+Mysql+PHP)



5 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Sandy!

    I stumble upon your blog and linkedin profile and very impressed with your knowledge and skills. I work as PM for a digital/tech company in Sydney and currently my team is in serious need of talent with the skills and experience that you have. We can interview and move fast as it’s very urgent to grow our team. Would you please confirm your interest? A half hour interview during this week in our CBD offices would be a good thing for you to have an informed decision. Cheers!

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