Integrating the Compass CSS Framework into Visual Studio

The DevStop

Using Compass with .NET and Visual Studio

Intro to Compass Framework:

So here in my first blog post at thedevstop, I wanted to post about something I very much enjoy. And since I love the design side of development, I decided to go with the Compass Framework.

For any reader who isn’t familiar with the Compass css framework, it is a framework that takes advantage of sass to provide a whole bunch of premade css mixins. For example, take something simple, like adding a border radius. Doing it yourself, you would have to worry about all the different browser prefixes, but with Compass, all you need to do is:

 1: @import "compass/CSS3";
 4: {
 5:     @include border-radius(4px, 4px);
 6: }

Now, once you save the scss file, Compass will give you this:

 2: {
 3:     -webkit-border-radius: 4px 4px;
 4:     -moz-

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