How to let your visual studio 2010 support HTML5?

Mircosoft won’t let code people use notepadd++ to write codes.Html5 is very popular,how can vs2010 won’t support html5? here I will teacher you how to let you vs2010 support html5.

all you need is vs2010 and a browser.

what do we need a browser? hehe,if you want you vs2010 support html5. first thing first is that you need update vs2010 to sp1.

How do we up microsoft Visual Studio 2010 to microsoft Visual Studio 2010 sp1?
There are two ways:
1.Go straight to microsoft website, download center download Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 windows update, the system will automatically find vs2010 update file, size around 600MB

Once you finished update, then open you vs2010 goto tool->option->HTML->Validation