use JQuery searche your product in table

  1. Add functionality that allows the user to enter the name of an artist into the search field in products.htm. As they type, a list of possible matches should appear. The user can select an item on the list to place it into the search textbox. You do not need to implement real-world search features (this would need to be done server-side, which is beyond the scope of this project), although you can build on this by implementing #8 below.
  2. Change the displayed product on product.htm when the user clicks on an item in the list. This can only be implemented if the item above has also been implemented (see #7).
  3. As an alternative to #7, dynamically build a table that contains a list of albums for an artist that a user enters into the search textbox. This would be done when the user clicks the search button. If there are no artists matching the entered term, a message informing the user that no artists have been found should be displayed in the page (not in an alert box).

use JQuery search your product in table,this is not for the real world, in the real world you will use server language like C#, PHP, with databases to create this.

the follow post is the jquery for your solution.

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