use php process a web form feedback-insert data-continue1

you already  had a page collect information from use input, and build a page connect to your serves databases, here is the page use for process the data, (insert the information to your databases)

here is your process_chinese_zodaic.php page sourse code;

$sender = trim($_POST[‘fname’]);
$feedback =trim($_POST[‘feedback’]);
$agree = $_POST[‘agree’];
$submit = $_POST[‘submit’];

echo “Your must write your first name,last name,feedback”;
if($agree == 1)
$agree = “N”;

$agree = “Y”;
if($error == 0)
$table = “zodiacfeedback”;
$data = date(“Y-m-d”);
$time = date(“H:i:s”);
$query = “insert into $table(message_date,message_time,sender,message,public_message)values(‘$date’,’$time’,’$sender’,’$feedback’,’$agree’)”;
$result = @mysql_query($query);
echo “<p>unable to insert the values “. mysql_error().”</p>”;
echo “<p>”.htmlentities($sender).”,Thanks you for giving us feedback.</p>”;
echo “<p><a href=’view_zodiac_feedback.php’>View all of the feedback</a></p>”;




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